After some too and fro over where our work would actually end up, Sarah McCall and I are happy to announce it’s up and ready to go as part of the Contact Photo Festival, you can find us up at the Georgian Mall in the Merrion center in Leeds (we’re in what used to be Fabrication).


While the location itself isn’t exactly ideal being a little out of the way we’re incredibly excited about the space itself as it affords us plenty of wall space, spread on two floors. We’ve learned several important things while putting the exhibition up though. 1) Never trust vinyl cutters when you’re on a deadline. 2) damp walls are an issue when you’re only allowed to stick things too them instead of hang them with screws and 3) two pairs of hands make spirit levels easier to handle when hanging work.

The process of organizing and negotiating for our own space as well as working around restrictions like being unable to drill into the walls and needing to leave the space in the condition we found it was a challenging one, frames where forgone in favour of mounting my work and quite literally sticking it to the wall and the size and number of prints was a critical decision but all together I’m extremely happy with how everything looks. My only regret is not having time to put together a book, since while I’ve narrowed the final cut down to seven shots there are countless more that I shot that I thing lend just as much to the project but had to be cut in the name of space. We live and learn though, my hope is to continue the project and shoot more LARPers if I can and eventually produce a collection of work that will put this exhibition to shame.

The Contact Festival runs from 16th – 25th of May so if you’re in or around Leeds be sure to come and check out all the great work that’s going to be around the city.