In some ways Mike Brodie could be described as the photography world’s newest sweetheart, his work documenting young American’s train hopping and living rough having gone viral in recent months. Brodie is everywhere and it’s for good reason.

Formerly known as The Polaroid Kidd, Brodie, as the name suggests, used to work almost exclusively with polaroid film but given the rise in cost over the years was forced to abandon the medium.

His return to photography is certainly welcome considering the unapologetic, harsh, yet somehow free world he shows us is an example of some of the most real travel photography I’ve personally seen and he executes it in such an effortless way that it really draws the viewer in. It’s obvious his subjects are comfortable with him and with the dangers they put themselves in on an apparent daily basis and it’s such a hidden part of America one can’t help but want to know about these kids, why they’re there, and if their lives really do hark back to the days of Bohemia.