As with any art or work I think it’s important to experiment and sometimes those experiments don’t work out but the experience is still valuable. As part of an on going attempt to hone my skills and get more experience I decided to take the plunge into club photography. Going into a club environment, equipped with just a camera and flash gun, shooting club goers who might’ve had a little too much to drink was certainly an experience. The club night I chose for my first attempt was at The Wendy House (described as Dark alternative party club nights) is a monthly club night I’ve attended in the past so I had a bit of an idea of what to expect but still, it was a challenge because club photography, as I discovered is a genre that looks easy but definitely isn’t, especially if you’re feeling a little shy about approaching club goers.

One thing I did pick up on in going into the club with my camera (prearranged and on the guest list of course, I wouldn’t recommend just showing up to a club with an SLR) was just how many other photographers where around. It’s something I’ve never noticed before when just going to a club for an night out but it certainly feels like everyone with a big camera and lens fancies themselves as something of a club photographer. I think I may just leave it to them in future. I’m glad I tried it though as it was certainly an experience, just not one for me I think.