Wedding photography can be so hit and miss, for every photographer who’s worth their salt and produces stunning images there’s got to be ten ‘guys with camera’s or ‘fauxtographers‘ out there so I wanted to share some of the better wedding photography out there in a series of features. A little inspiration can go a long way after all.

Today I’m featuring a shoot of Russian plus-size model and blogger Anastasia Gracheva which I think are a wonderful example of simple but beautifully executed wedding photographs.

I picked out the above because they feature something, that to me, is key for memorable wedding photography… personality. It’s obvious Anastasia has it in bucket fulls and the playful poses bring the shots to life. All too often you see wedding photography that ascribes to the old, dull formula of the typical ‘bride and groom’, ‘bride and groom kissing’, ‘bride and groom and parents’ formula. It’s been done to death and it tells us nothing about the couple. I think that’s why candid photos can be so especially successful, both of the couple and guests, it’s a special day after all and deserves photographs that really capture that.