I have to profess a huge bias here, Tim Walker is by far one of my favorite photographers of any genre. While I have many issues with the fashion world and the ideals it presents his approach to shooting fashion spreads and editorial never ceases to blow my mind. His recent exhibition ‘Story Teller’ at Somerset House, London was a fantastic example of why I love his work so much. His use of extravagant props and settings, often oversized to almost comical scale where showcased along with his work, giving us as the viewer an insight into the mind of a true visual story teller.

I’ve often wondered just how huge the budgets he gets to play with must be given the often one of a kind nature of the props he uses, which in more than a few cases are works of art within themselves but it isn’t a budget that is wasted regardless of size. Walker crafts dream like worlds in which his photographs take place, often along child and toy like themes and playing with scale to point in some cases of becoming incredibly menacing.

Needless to say, if you ever get the opportunity to see his work and his props in the flesh I whole heatedly recommend you do  so. It’s a true joy to be allowed even a tiny glimpse of how such narrative and creative work is crafted.