It could easily be argued that William Klein is the father of modern street photography, the style he developed in the 1960’s was a mile stone that left behind the distanced style and approach of the likes of Cartier-Bresson instead opting to make the photographer’s presence in the scene very obvious in his work, lending it an almost aggressive, in your-face aesthetic.

Klein’s street photography and film making brought him to the attention of the fashion world and he carried over many of his stylistic cues to work created for the likes of Vogue in the late 60’s. Much of his fashion work echos his earlier career as an artist and graphic designer, integrating design elements while often maintaining an almost voyeuristic look, shooting his models from a distance while they moved through crowds or traffic.

Like his street photography this approach to shooting fashion went to influence the genre to this day. Klein, even in his 80’s now is as influential as he’s ever been, his work as resonant today as it was when he created it. Rightfully so he’s been voted one of the most influential photographers of the last century.