There’s no denying the powerhouse that Annie Leibovitz is in the current photographic world, a regular of the high end fashion world she’s even done shoots for Disney, recreating their characters and stories in photographic form. While for me her work is always a little too sterile and over processed, coming close to being digital art as much as it is photography I have to admire the skill and vision that goes into it.

Her shoot of the cast of the Les Miserables’ movie for Vogue is a standout among her work. Leaving behind the elaborate photo-manipulations and Photoshopping of some of her other work (at least appearing to do so on the surface) her portraits of the cast are almost reminiscent of Rembrandt in their lighting and composition. Simple but powerful the portraits seem to effortlessly capture the era of the French Revolution as well as the characters they’re depicting (of course the actors she’s shooting are world class so that isn’t entirely surprising).

Of course it’s entirely subjective but for me this really is Leibovitz at her best.